Buying a Property Abroad over the Phone

For buying a property, people need to make a visit physically to see the property with their own eyes and to make sure of their choice. On the other hand, the real estate business also is developing and the process is getting easier thanks to the new technologic developments. Now, it is possible to purchase property by phone without any difficulties with TeleProperty

TeleProperty is purchasing a property making use of modern communication channels like Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp Video Call, etc.

For most of people, buying a property abroad by phone, without physically being there, may seem strange. But we know that in real estate business what brings the happiness is to collaborate with a professional . As Spain Homes ®, being expert in our business, we are promising to all our customers a transparent and easy buying process even if you are buying by phone.

Why Would I Need TeleProperty?

Perfect Property Matching the Wishlist: As a buyer, when you are sure that you have found the right property, you may not want to lose the opportunity. So, you can reserve the property by just sending an amount as deposit or you can buy over the phone as we will be guiding to you through whole process.

Unmissable Price: Sometimes you may find a perfect price, under current market price, that you don’t want to miss while arranging your travel.

Guarantee the Price: In real estate sector, prices may be change according many factors. Especially, if the property that you consider buying is an under-construction property, prices will be updated every 3 months as the construction goes on. When you are expecting an increase of property prices, you may want to finalize your purchase without losing time for travel. In this case, TeleProperty would give you an advantage. 

Limited Availabilities: Even if it is a big compound or project with many dwellings, the availability of the properties matching your wish list may be limited. So, again, to gain time, you can choose to buy over the phone. For example, you want to buy a holiday house in Spain, which is a two-bedroom apartment with a pool view. There is a project that you liked, which is in high demand, and there are only two dwellings available having these features. Now, it’s time to buy the apartment over the phone. We will guide you through whole process and send your to your address in your residential country.

No Time for Travel: You may be wishing to make an investment with your savings, and you may be to busy to travel at that time. In this case, you can benefit the advantages of buying a property remotely.

How Does TeleProperty Work?

Information about Property: First, we will send you all the information about the property such as floor plans, price lists, payment terms, available units, location, legal situation of the property, its title deed etc.

Online Viewing Tour: We will make a video call through your preferred channel such as Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime and we will make an online viewing tour for the property. In this tour, you will be able to see the all the details of the property with our Agent accompanying you and to ask direct questions to the Seller. It will be just as you are visiting the property by yourself.

Negotiation Stage: Once you have confirmed your purchase, we will start negotiating with the seller for all the details like final price, payment terms, delivery time etc.

Signing the Sales Contract: We will prepare your contract that includes all terms as agreed and make the Seller sign it. Later on, we can proceed with 2 options;

  1. We can send two originally signed copies to your residential address by post. Once you have signed both copies, you can send us back the Seller’s copy and keep your original copy.
  2. Or, we can scan the signed contract and send it to you by e-mail. In this case, the originally signed contract will be kept in our office until your personal visit.

Payment: You will be sending the payment to the of Seller, once the contract is signed by him/her.

Conveyance of Title Deed: There are two ways for the Title Deed Conveyance. You can come personally to get the title deed by yourself or you can send us a Power of Attorney so that we can get the Title Deed on behalf of you.

If you want to have your dream home in Spain, call us now for TeleProperty!

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