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Houses for Sale in Torremolinos, Málaga

Spain Homes offers a wide variety of houses for sale in Torremolinos including bungalow, detached, semi-detached and etc. Call us to buy a villa in Torremolinos, Málaga! Find homes in Torremolinos by using the filters on the left side to refine your search.

Why Foreigners Prefer to Buy Torremolinos Villas?

Torremolinos is a medium-sized town with over 60,000 inhabitants and situated 18 km southwest of the town of Malaga. The region of Malaga, Andalusia is the warmest in Europe. On the southern coast you have up to 300 days of sunshine and very limited rainfall. One of the main reasons foreigners buy a villa in Torremolinos – the climate. Due to the proximity of the sea, a fresh breeze blows. Coastal apartments in Torremolinos or houses tend to be popular with foreign buyers due to the sea views and ocean breeze.

Spain is described by the World Health Organization as "the near perfect environment". The Andalusian climate is ideal for people who suffer from asthma, rheumatism, arthritis and heart problems and why houses in Torremolinos are popular with retirees. The medical journal Lancet states that, according to the 'European League Table', which consists of data collected over a 20-year period, Spain is the healthiest place to live in Europe. According to Lancet, the average life expectancy is 81.4 years, which is 2 years more than in Great Britain. And perhaps it’s those 2 extra years that see the British eagerly seek houses for sale in Torremolinos – to enjoy the healthier outdoor way of living.

Why Foreigners Prefer to Buy Torremolinos Villas ?

Tasty Snacks: Tapas and its History

The healthy life in this Spanish region is also due to the local kitchen. The gastronomy in Andalusia is sublime. Tasteful Mediterranean dishes with their excellent ingredients consist of a mix of fresh vegetables, fish, meat, eggs and cheese prepared in various delicious ways. The most popular and brightly coloured tasty snacks are the tapas (singular: tapa).

The question of where tapas come from remains a point of discussion. According to some, they are an invention of the king Alfonso XIII who stopped for a drink during a visit to Cádiz at Ventorrillo El Chato, an inn between Cádiz and San Francisco that you can still visit today.

The king ordered a glass of wine there and the castelein served him a glass with a slice of ham on top. The best innkeeper justified this strange gesture by mentioning that the ham was a "tapa", a cover to prevent the wine from being spoiled by the sand that was blown into the inn by the strong wind. The king thought it was a wonderful idea and ate the ham, drank the wine and asked again to be served in the same way. His companions all followed his example and thus the Tapa was born in Cadiz.

Another legend again has another king in the lead role, this time a sick king Alfons X also known as ‘Alfons the Wise’. At some point an illness forced him to sleep for a few weeks and his court doctor told him to sip several times during the day. From a scientific point of view, this was undoubtedly the best way to cure. To prevent him getting drunk daily, the king decided to always take a small bite with every sip of wine. In this way he covered (in Spanish: tapada) his drunken condition. Surprisingly, this treatment caught on and the king recovered well. He then decided to enact a law requiring all the pubs in his kingdom to serve a small snack with every glass of wine. No wonder that people call King Alfons the Wise.

Another story teaches us that farmers and servants at the court, prior to lunch and dinner, used wine and small snacks to maintain their strength. An additional advantage of these stimulating aperitifs was that the snacks covered the effects of the alcohol. Much like the history of the Caesar Salad, this was a perfect combination and a fine example of ingenuity.

Others think it is a glorified version of the snacks that field workers ate between breakfast and lunch. Buy a house in Torremolinos, live and mingle amongst the locals and discover for yourself the true origin of tapas. Some say the delicious small snacks were increasingly served to induce cravings with a beer or wine in Spanish cafés and were "tapas" baptized. Tapa means lid. This is because tapas were created by putting lids on glasses in Spanish cafés to prevent flies and other insects from getting into the drinks. The snacks were put on the lids to dress the whole thing.

Tapas can be dishes with food, but they can also be snacks from pickers (also known as pinxtos), para picar (to "peck", such as olives), and pieces of sausage, ham or olives.

The Tapas can also be almost half meals (mid raciones) or whole meals (raciones). Spaniards love sharing and eating together, that is why it is not uncommon to hear the sound of jolly and laugh, of families entertaining guests throughout their homes in Torremolinos, as tapas is made for sharing good food and good times. It why the Spanish often order four portions of raciones for four people, so that they can all eat from these four meals. The contents can be anything: from sausage, olives and Iberian ham to very luxurious tapas. Eating tapas is a complete experience. Tapas orders are usually made at the bar. The locals love sitting at the bar for hours with a drink enjoying different tapas. Popular Spanish bars are nice and busy; slightly chaotic, but always cozy.

The best-known tapas are the tortilla (sort of omelet), patatas bravas (potatoes in a spicy sauce), chorizo (spicy sausage) and stuffed mushrooms. And while we think of tapas served in bars, many Spaniards prepare and serve them in their Torremolinos villas throughout the Costa del Sol.

Torremolinos Houses for Sale

Investment Real Estate Opportunities in Torremolinos, Spain

Now that the financial crisis is behind us and people are more confident about the future, they are ready to spend money in Spanish property. That is why more and more people are buying houses and villas in Torremolinos.

Although the return on a home for sale in Torremolinos will depend on the use, you will always benefit from your investment. In the first place you have your own place under the Andalusian sun to return regularly, or where friends and family, whether or not on a rental basis, can use. Buying a house in Torremolinos allows you to save on accommodation costs and you are just at home in your Spanish accommodation. In addition, you are able to rent your property during the periods that you do not use it yourself. This rental income covers the fixed costs for your Spanish home and you usually have a few extras left over.

Why Spain Homes?

The team of Spain Homes considers hospitality of great importance and therefore kindly invites you to their office to view a selection of villas for sale in Torremolinos.

Torremolinos houses for sale are plentiful and Spain Homes can show you a large selection: detached, semi-detached, private pools, shared facilities – you name it!

At Spain Homes we don’t just sell villas. We also offer land for sale in Torremolinos and commercial properties in Torremolinos including shops, stores, hotels, business centers and etc.

More Information

We speak your language and we know the region very well because we live in this region ourselves. We show you all new constructed houses and villas that fit your budget, and we will also show you resale houses and villas in the preferred region.

Spain Homes is familiar with all builders from the regions that do (and do not) work according to the legal rules. At Spain Homes we guide you through every step you make in the acquisition process of your dream property in Torremolinos.

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