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Land for Sale in Alicante, Valenciana

Spain Homes feature a variety of land for sale in Alicante, Valenciana: residential development, industrial development and commercial land. Call our expert team today to view plots in Alicante.

Sea View Land in Altea with Architectural Project

Alicante, Valencia

The land for sale is located in the urbanization area of ​​Altea Hills and 5 minutes from Mascarat beach in the north of the Costa Blanca.

from € 498.000 VIEW DETAILS ALC-0114

Plot with Sea View in Altea Hills Costa Blanca

Alicante, Valencia

Urban plot with sea view is located in one of the best areas of the Costa Blanca, near the Altea Club de Golf. The plot provides a perfect location and easy access from the AP-7.

from € 225.000 VIEW DETAILS ALC-0113

Lands in Hondon de Las Nieves, Costa Blanca 40 km to the Sea

Alicante, Valencia

Affordably priced lands for sale are located in a consolidated residential area in Hondon de Las Nieves, Costa Blanca. Next to the Serra de Crevillent, building lands are 35 minutes to the beach.

from € 45.000 VIEW DETAILS ALC-0060

Building Land 3 km to the Sea in San Fulgencio, Costa Blanca

Alicante, Valencia

The building land is located in a consolidated residential area with west orientation in San Fulgencio, Costa Blanca. Affordably-priced land has a tranquil and quiet location 3 km from the sea.

from € 75.000 VIEW DETAILS ALC-0059

Building Land 3.3 km to the Beach in San Fulgencio, Costa Blanca

Alicante, Valencia

The building land is located in San Fulgencio, 3.3 km to the sea. 523 sqm of land is surrounded by green areas in the heart of Costa Blanca.

from € 95.000 VIEW DETAILS ALC-0054

Building Land in Torrevieja Costa Blanca 1.300 m to the Sea

Alicante, Valencia

South facing land is located in a high demand area of Torrevieja, 1.300 m to the sea and walking distance to all amenities. Corner land is suitable for building construction.

from € 290.000 VIEW DETAILS ALC-0053

Designing Your Own Property Starts with Buying Land in Alicante!

Whether your dream is to buy a luxury villa, spacious apartment, or to invest in a commercial property, you can achieve all this by simply buying a land in Alicante!

In order to buy the ideal developed land in Alicante, you need to know few things. What are you looking for while purchasing a land? Do you prefer urban lands (Suelo Urbano), industrial, rustic, or agriculture(farms)? You need to determine the reason behind purchasing a land, and then act accordingly.

Then, when you are planning to invest in the land, you need to choose a land that has a construction permit, so that you will have options to offer it for rent as it is, or you can build houses or for rent. There is always an option to re-sale it back after its price gets higher.

Also, you need to scan the areas on the city you would like to purchase a land in, and you need to make sure that this land is well connected to main roads, public transportations and has an easy access to suppliers (in terms of commercial investments).

Land for Sale in Alicante, Valenciana

If you are looking for an agriculture land for sale, then you need to ensure the fertility of this land, what kind of crops it produces, its closeness to transport, supplies and marketplaces.

What advantages a land can give you, is that you can choose a proper plot that is suitable for you, and then build your own spacious , with private garden and special features. If you are planning to start your own business, also purchase a plot in Alicante and have your company built on will minimize expenses for the long term.

You need to know where to buy your land, in what region or city. A vibrant active city assures a continuous growth of your investment, and an interesting life full of entertainment. Therefore, many buyers of land in Spain prefer Costa Blanca region. Being the second important city in the province, Alicante is the best option for you to buy a land.

The charm of this city comes from its amazing culture. The visitor to Alicante enjoys the wonderful lively environment the city possesses, and its unique festivals.

Alicante’s calendar is full of different festivals a year- round. Alicante becomes a pyrotechnic wonderland during Las Hogueras, a medieval battleground during the Moors and Christians, and an atmospheric stage of scores of arts festivals.

Las Hogueras is no doubt the most important event in this city. Its origin goes back to Pagan farmers’ time when they used to celebrate the longest day in the year, 20th Jun and declare the summer season. The celebration is simply to burn all winter stuff as not needed any more. However, the Las Hogueras of today has existed since 1928 when it was announced an official celebration and festival of the city.

Las Hogueras starts on the 20th June, till 29th June. It has many activities, traditions, and its own tradition food “Montaditos”. They are smaller than tapas, a slice of baguette, heaped with delicacies such as smoked salmon, caviar, prawns, ham, cheese or egg.

The protagonists of the festival are monumental figures and scenes, called Ninots. They are created and designed by the local artists of Alicante. There is a competition with prizes for the best Ninots which, on the festival of St. John 24th of June, are destined to be burned in massive bonfires.

Also, on this festival, two queens are selected the adult beauty, and the little girl. Both are dressed in the traditional outfit: a long colorful full skirt with many petticoats’ underneath, a long-sleeved black velvet jacket and the traditional hear dress of white flowers and a white lace mantilla.

The Moors and Christians festival takes place in several regions in Alicante. It is the most important festival of Alcoy. The festival dates to the 16th century and commemorates a battle which was fought in 1276. At that time, Alcoy stood on the border of the Moors-held territories of Spain. There were frequent skirmishes between the two parties. On 23 April 1276, the Arab troops of Al-Azraq attempted to storm the town, according to the legend, San Jorge appeared during the battle and the Christian army won the day. In recognition of San Jorge timely intercession, the townsfolk of Alcoy made him their patron saint and promised to hold a festival in his honor.

Every year the city is decked out in the style of the Middle Ages to celebrate this festival. On the first day, the different groups that make up each army march majestically through the streets of the city. On the second day, different events are held in honor of San Jorge. On the final day, a huge battle is fought in Plaza de España square and followed by several battles and negotiations that ends up by defeating the Moors. In the evening, San Jorge appears on a horseback ending the three days of festivities.

Spain Homes Assures You the Perfect Land for sale in Alicante

It is not an easy decision to buy a land in Alicante as a foreigner. However, being an experienced real state company that serves in Turkey and Spain, we go with you through the whole process from choosing the most appropriate , till you have the title deed of your dream property under your name.

Our dedicated team know that their main concern lies on achieving 100% success and happiness to our clients. They always behave on fairness and transparency. They are committed to deliver the best.

Spain Homes offers varieties of properties such as villas, commercials, and . All you need to do is to check our user-friendly website or get in touch with us to reach your dream property in Alicante!

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